Today there are so many different activities for people to do in their free time. Cinema going, visiting the gym, shopping, ice-skating, going to football matches, reading a magazine or simply relaxing – this list is almost endless. Activities can be classified to active or passive groups. One of the recent catchy trends is connected with yoga.

Yoga classes became so popular that thousands of young and aged people sign up to them. This type of activity can be ranked among both active and passive pastimes. On the one hand, it certainly involves some physical movements. On the other hand, it gives opportunity to relax physically and mentally. Systematic yoga practice improves flexibility, inner peace and general mood. It is known that yoga originated in India a long time ago. Perhaps it happened five thousands or even more years ago.

Later, yoga gurus introduced their skills to the west, where it quickly became a popular system of physical exercises. Indian traditions however regard yoga more like meditation or soul therapy. Some psychologists today use yoga elements in their patients’ healing process. Benefits of yoga are obvious, but no one mentions the risks. They say that excessive exercising of any type can be unhealthy, so even yoga should be applied in moderation. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best ways to spend a relaxing evening after work.


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