RYF invited to the II European Congress of yoga


In Hannover (Germany), from 14th to 16th November 2014, successfully passed the FIRST European Yoga Congress, organized by the Ashram Yoga–Vidia (Germany) and the Portuguese Confederation of Yoga. In Congress was attended by masters and students from 11 countries.
Vlad Fadeev (RYF) conducted two master class, which proved very popular. Many had no idea that in Russia there are masters of such high level, therefore, the quality of teaching material from Russia was a surprise for them.
During the First European Yoga Congress was signed the Protocol on the establishment of European Confederation of Yoga, the founders of which will be the Yoga Federation of European countries and their neighbouring States.

On may 27, 2016 in Brussels (Belgium) will host the II European Congress of yoga.
Congress theme:”The Relevance of yoga to the European community and for world peace”
Russian yoga Federation (RYF) received an official invitation to participate in the II European Congress of yoga and offer to speak to the members of the delegation RYF in the European Parliament


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